Soulful Harmony: 216Whisky Teams Up with Selmor Mtukudzi & Wedande for 'Zodzo'-Zimmagazine
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Zimbabwean music sensation, 216Whisky, is gearing up to release his latest track, "Zodzo," featuring the renowned vocalist Selmor Mtukudzi and collaborator Wedande. Scheduled for release on March 28, 2023, the song is already generating significant buzz within the music industry and among fans alike.


Selmor Mtukudzi, daughter of the late Zimbabwean music icon Oliver Mtukudzi, brings her distinctive vocal prowess to "Zodzo," adding depth and emotion to the upcoming release. With a legacy deeply rooted in Zimbabwean music, Selmor's involvement promises to elevate the track to new heights.


Wedande, known for his recent collaboration with 216Whisky on the hit song "Nzira," brings his unique style and energy to "Zodzo." Their previous collaboration garnered massive attention, accumulating over 300k views on YouTube and sparking more than 100k TikTok challenges, setting the stage for another chart-topping success.


Behind the scenes, "Zodzo" was meticulously crafted by producer Angeo Pablo, known for his exceptional production skills and ability to bring out the best in artists. His contribution ensures that the track maintains a high standard of quality and musicality.


In addition to the impending release of "Zodzo," 216Whisky has received two nominations at the upcoming Changamire Festival Awards, scheduled for April 12th. This recognition further solidifies his position as one of Zimbabwe's most promising musical talents, poised for continued success in the industry.


With "Zodzo," 216Whisky, Selmor Mtukudzi, and Wedande are set to captivate audiences with their dynamic collaboration, promising a soulful and unforgettable musical experience. Fans eagerly await the release, poised to embrace yet another masterpiece from these talented artists. Stay tuned for the drop of "Zodzo" and witness the magic unfold.


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