SkyTee's Melodic Odyssey: Bridging Zimbabwean Culture Through Music
Meet SkyTee

SkyTee, a Zimdancehall musician, has recently released a compelling singles collection that captures the essence of Zimbabwean life through 16 diverse tracks. These songs span various genres, including Dancehall, Afro Dancehall, RnB, and Reggae.


"I was inspired by the people's situations in our daily lives, and some of the songs I wrote from a creative approach," SkyTee explains, reflecting on the inspiration behind his latest collection. His versatility as an artist is evident as he navigates multiple musical styles, refusing to be confined to a single vibe.


"Dancehall is a powerful genre," he notes. "There are different types of sounds in it—Dancehall Ragga and Conscious Reggae—making it easier for me to showcase what I can do musically."


SkyTee acknowledges the dual nature of music's influence on Zimbabwean society. "It's a two-sided issue," he says. "On one hand, it's affecting our norms and values, especially the youth, who are inheriting Western culture through music influences. On the other side, we are trying to infuse our African sound into our music, guiding our people through lyrical content and vibes."


His commitment to using music as a platform for social commentary is evident in his songs, which tackle issues ranging from drug abuse awareness to domestic violence, while spreading messages of motivation and inspiration.


"I write my songs through a creative approach, drawing from the things we see and experience in our daily lives," SkyTee explains. He also highlights the financial challenges he faces as an artist. "Financial problems hinder our ability to promote our social media platforms, projects, and cover recording fees and videos," he admits. "While I can't say I've overcome these challenges entirely, I'm still striving to overcome them."


Despite these hurdles, technology has been a game-changer for SkyTee and other Zimbabwean artists. "The internet has helped us a lot," he acknowledges. "Nowadays, people can buy our music wherever they are, unlike before when artists had to sell their copyrights on the streets."


For aspiring Zimdancehall artists, SkyTee's advice is simple yet profound: "Believe in yourselves at all costs, and remember that hard work and passion are the formula for success."


Looking ahead, SkyTee remains focused on his mission to create impactful music and elevate Zimbabwean music to an international level. "My goal is to continue making good music and moving Zimbabwean music to the international stage," he concludes, embodying the spirit of resilience and creativity that defines Zimbabwe's music scene.

Sky Tee -vanopazvimba

Sky Tee -Ruregerero


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