Harare-Based Multi-Talented Musician Maly Beats Unveils Debut Single "Chihera-Zimmagazine
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Harare's music scene welcomes a vibrant new addition as multi-talented musician and producer Maly Beats steps into the spotlight with his debut single, "Chihera." With a diverse musical background and a penchant for experimentation across genres, Maly Beats promises to captivate audiences with his unique sound and artistic vision.


"Chihera" marks the beginning of Maly Beats' musical journey as a solo artist, showcasing his distinctive style and creative flair. As a multi-genre producer, Maly Beats brings a wealth of experience to his music, drawing inspiration from a wide range of influences to craft a sound that is uniquely his own.

Throughout his career, Maly Beats has collaborated with a variety of esteemed musicians, including Maskiri, Guspy Warrior, Zim Pogba, Ras Pompy, and Muzzy D Pilot. His collaborative spirit and innovative approach to music production have earned him a reputation as a trusted collaborator and visionary within the Harare music scene.


With "Chihera," Maly Beats invites listeners on a captivating musical journey that transcends boundaries and defies expectations. The song's infectious rhythms and melodic hooks showcase Maly Beats' talent for crafting catchy and memorable tracks that resonate with audiences of all backgrounds.


As he takes his first steps into the spotlight as a solo artist, Maly Beats remains committed to pushing the boundaries of his artistry. His debut single serves as a testament to his passion for music and his dedication to creating music that is both authentic and impactful.


As "Chihera" makes its way onto the airwaves, Maly Beats emerges as a rising star on the Zimbabwean music scene, poised to make a lasting impression with his dynamic sound and undeniable talent. With his debut single, he sets the stage for a promising career filled with innovation, creativity, and boundless potential.


As fans eagerly anticipate what the future holds for Maly Beats, one thing is certain – his debut single is just the beginning of an exciting musical journey that is sure to leave a lasting impact on the hearts and minds of listeners everywhere.

MalyBeats - Chihera (Official Audio) 2024


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