The end of Calvin
Justice of Calvin and an insight of what transpired during the night of his death part one

THE END OF CAL-VIN HOW DID IT REALLY HAPPEN? PART 1 ARTICLE BY DR CKHUPHA Its been a minute since the death of allerged Bulawayo Hip-Hop mogul, Cal-Vin, but did you really get the clear picture of how all that happened? We didn't! Some shabby story about him being run over by a car on his way home from a local spot is all that's really there from the media, but do you feel that was enough for a person of his ranking? Alive, Cal-Vin was a vocal person, full of opinion, definitely out and about doing this and that, why then was his death something that just gets swept under the capert as though he was just another regular hood rat that got hit by a car on a drunk night! Who is to blame for what we'd call this "disrespect"? There is a lot of points to raise around this subject that many resolved to ignore because of what ever reasons, but before this happens again, why not try to study the death of Cal-Vin, to see if any loopholes may lead to the possibility of at least a suspicion or arrest, for his sake and for justice's sake? The streets will never be safe if crimes like this go unpunished. Some may even start to question if maybe the incident was intentionally swept under the carpet, and why if so? Amongst those that were with him on the night, because surely someone of his calibre would not have been alone at that time of the night and definitely not at alone where he was coming from, so none of those he was with could provide any tangible information that leads to justice being served? That is really strange, unless all this was planned, which we'd hate to think was the case. We all know Cal-Vin, to his last day, was quite full of opinion and somewhat influencial. This plagued his career with a lot of hate and enemity from other artists as well as promoters and basic people he came across and crossed. Is it possible he may have upset a few individuals that could have wanted him dead? We dont see much gun activity in Zimbabwe as compared to other countries, so the best form of murder is either poisoning, verbal attacks and getting hit by presumably drunk drivers and so forth. In honor of the fallen star, lets try to go back to that night, painful as it may be, lets really look into what was said to have happened, place ourselves in the crime scene. Is there any infomation that was withheld from the public eye? is our justice system failing us? Was this really an accident or it was pure motive? Are the streets safe for the rest of us? Lets give this a good thought before history repeats itself good people, and remember, YOU could be next? #REDPATH MAGAZINE #SHUTUPANDGROOVEEVENTS@GMAIL.COM


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