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Weekend Events Updates

As the weekend approaches, anticipation is building in Gokwe Centre for a series of top-class events meticulously organized by DJ Shabba of Crazy Mix Entertainment. With DJ Shabba also at the helm of the turntables at Leisure Lounge, patrons can expect an unparalleled experience filled with music, excitement, and exclusive offerings.


Ladies Nite Celebration - Friday, 24th November:

Kicking off the weekend on a high note is the much-anticipated Ladies Nite at Leisure Lounge. Hosted by DJ Shabba, the night promises to be a celebration of femininity and fun. For the ladies, there's an irresistible offer of free shots of Jägermeister, adding an extra layer of delight to the evening. Not to be outdone, the lucky gents will be treated to complimentary free quarts, ensuring that everyone can partake in the revelry.


All White Party Spectacle - Saturday, 25th November:

Saturday night is set to be a visual spectacle as Leisure Lounge transforms into an All White Party. With the venue adorned in pristine white, the ambience is sure to be both elegant and electric. DJ Shabba, along with the dynamic duo DJ Tsunami and DJ Bobman Tee, will be at the helm of the entertainment, curating a playlist that will keep the dance floor alive. The affiliation fee for this exclusive event is a mere $10, covering a delectable dinner, startup beers, and access to the night's entertainment.


Leisure Lounge: The Ultimate Weekend Hotspot:

As Leisure Lounge continues to elevate the nightlife scene in Gokwe Centre, it has undeniably become the best place to be during the weekends. The venue's commitment to providing an exceptional experience is evident in its offerings. Patrons can expect ice-cold beers, a fully stocked bar, and catering that tantalizes the taste buds. The promise of tight security ensures that guests can unwind and immerse themselves in the festivities without a care in the world.


Affordable Affiliation for Premium Experience:

Leisure Lounge understands the value of a good time without breaking the bank. With an affordable affiliation fee of $10 for the All White Party, attendees are not only gaining access to an unforgettable night of entertainment but also enjoying a sumptuous dinner and refreshing startup beers. This commitment to affordability sets Leisure Lounge apart, making it an inclusive venue for everyone to enjoy.


As Leisure Lounge gears up for a weekend of back-to-back events, the atmosphere is charged with excitement. DJ Shabba and Crazy Mix Entertainment are poised to deliver an experience that transcends the ordinary, solidifying Leisure Lounge's reputation as the ultimate weekend hotspot in Gokwe Centre. From themed parties to exclusive perks, Leisure Lounge is undoubtedly the place to see and be seen this weekend.


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