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Bagga on Saintfloew collabo

Bagga, one of the leading artists of 2023, recently revealed on his Twitter account that he was quoted $5000 for a collaboration with Saintfloew. However, Bagga did not proceed with the collaboration, sparking discussions about the financial dynamics and integrity within the music industry.


Bagga's tweet took the community by storm as he shared, "Takanzi toda 5Gida (5K) for 16 bars. Tikati nhai mamonya eTea richiri verse here ramukutengesa or yave stand!! I have a dream for the Culture to grow to a point we have young people seeing zim hiphop as a viable career if you have the gift, to take care of our families. Hande!!" This revelation not only brought attention to the financial demands for collaborations but also raised questions about the authenticity of the process.



Contrary to expectations, Bagga did not proceed with the collaboration, signaling a refusal to pay the quoted amount. The decision not to engage in the collaboration suggests a potential discrepancy between the perceived value of the collaboration and the quoted cost. This turn of events prompts a closer examination of the negotiation dynamics and the expectations set within the Zimbabwean hip-hop industry.


Bagga's decision not to go through with the collaboration may have repercussions on his image within the music community. While some may applaud his stand against what he deemed an exorbitant price, others might question the impact on potential collaborations in the future. The incident opens a broader conversation about fair compensation and transparency within the industry.



Bagga's experience sheds light on the financial complexities artists face when navigating collaborations. While collaborations can significantly enhance an artist's visibility and marketability, the financial demands associated with such partnerships can sometimes be a barrier. Bagga's public revelation adds a layer of transparency to these negotiations, prompting artists and fans alike to reflect on the economic aspects of the music industry.


Despite this collaboration hiccup, Bagga's success in 2023 remains undeniable. His widely acclaimed EP, "3stripes," and the popularity of his singles have solidified his position as one of Zimbabwe's top hip-hop artists. It remains to be seen how this incident will influence his approach to future collaborations and whether it will lead to a broader conversation about fair compensation within the industry.


Bagga's decision not to proceed with the $5000 collaboration with Saintfloew adds a new layer of complexity to the evolving narrative of the Zimbabwean hip-hop scene. The incident prompts reflections on the financial realities of collaborations and the expectations set within the industry. As artists like Bagga continue to navigate these challenges, their experiences contribute to a more transparent and nuanced understanding of the economic dynamics at play in the world of music collaborations.


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