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Meet Abide Tinotenda

Abide Tinotenda Zimbwa, a Zimbabwean beauty therapist and the visionary owner of the Truly Imani Beauty Academy in Harare, embodies the essence of pursuing one's dreams and making a significant impact in the beauty therapy industry. Her remarkable journey from a young enthusiast to an accomplished beauty therapist and educator is an inspiration to all.

Early Passion and Dedication to Excellence


From a very young age, Abide had an unwavering passion for beauty therapy. As she completed her high school education, she made a life-altering decision to turn her passion into a career. Her quest for knowledge led her to the Excellence Beauty Training Academy in South Africa, situated in Johannesburg's vibrant Randburg. There, she honed her skills and emerged as a professional beauty therapist, equipped with the expertise that would become the foundation of her career.


Teaching and Entrepreneurship: A Natural Progression


Abide's journey took an unexpected turn when she discovered her talent for teaching. Her innate ability to impart knowledge and inspire others became evident when she assumed the role of an instructor in beauty therapy at the very academy where she had mastered her craft. This experience laid the foundation for her future endeavors.


The Evolution of Beauty Therapy


Over the years, Abide has witnessed the beauty therapy industry undergo a fascinating transformation. She notes that beauty trends have shifted from the heavy, vibrant makeup of the 70s and 80s to today's more natural, versatile styles. Abide's adaptability and willingness to embrace these changes have played a pivotal role in her success.


Continuous Learning and Inspiration


One of Abide's secrets to success is her commitment to continuous learning. She keeps herself updated with the latest trends and techniques by closely following top beauty therapists and experts, primarily through social media. This dedication ensures that her students at Truly Imani Beauty Academy receive the most current and relevant education.


Proud Moments as an Educator and Academy Owner


Among the most cherished memories in Abide's career are the moments when her students master the art of beauty therapy. As both a proud teacher and the owner of Truly Imani Beauty Academy, Abide celebrates the accomplishments of her students as if they were her own.


Overcoming Challenges with Resilience


Abide's journey has not been without its share of challenges. She has faced discouragement and negativity from various quarters. However, she has always maintained an unshakeable belief in her skills, knowing that her hard work and dedication are the true keys to her success.


Defining Qualities of a Beauty Therapist


According to Abide, a beauty therapist is defined by their passion for their work and their unwavering commitment to acquiring experience and expertise. Her own journey exemplifies these qualities.


Words of Wisdom for Aspiring Beauty Therapists


For those aspiring to follow their dreams in the beauty therapy field, Abide's advice is simple yet profound: "Do not let anyone pull you down and tell you how you should address yourself. If being a beauty therapist is what you want, then so be it."


Empowering Others: A Vision for the Future


Looking ahead, Abide envisions a future where she can offer her skills to charitable organizations. Her goal is to empower women with valuable skills that they can use to earn a livelihood, firmly believing that no one can take away a skill once it is acquired.

A Visionary Perspective on Beauty


Abide Zimbwa's vision for the beauty therapy industry is to change everyone's perspective. She believes that beauty treatments, far from hiding imperfections, are a means of embracing one's artistry and individuality.


In Abide Tinotenda Zimbwa, we find a remarkable individual whose journey from passion to empowerment serves as a testament to the transformative power of following one's dreams and imparting knowledge to uplift others. Her Truly Imani Beauty Academy stands as a testament to her commitment to nurturing talent and helping others embrace their own unique beauty, both inside and out.


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