Top 10 richest musicians in Zimbabwe 2022
Without a doubt, one of the world’s strongest continents in terms of pop is Africa. The majority of African musicians, including Zimbabweans, have achieved success on a variety of international stages.

More Zimbabwean artists exist who have brought honour to their country on a global scale, secured them some sponsorship deals, and consequently increased their financial standing.

The top 10 richest musicians in Zimbabwe are included in this article along with their respective net worths.
Rank Name Net worth
1. Bonnie Deuschle US $4 million
2. Jah Prayzah US $1.6 million
3. Pastor Charles Charamba US $1 million
4. Mudiwa Hood US $1 million
5. Alick Macheso US $800,000
6. Winky D US $750,000
7. Ammara Brown US $600,000
8. DJ Stavo US $600,000
9. Suluman Chimbetu US $4,80,000
10. Minister Michael Mahendre US $4,00,000


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