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Zimbabwe Ranked Second Least Happy Country In The World -Zimmagazine

The World Happiness Report 2021 has been released and Finland has come out tops, followed by Iceland, Denmark, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

However African countries lag far far behind.

Finland has held first position for the forth year running despite the global pandemic killing more than two million people worldwide so far.

Researchers say it’s no surprise that Finland has retained the top position as the Nordic country has always ranked highly when it comes to mutual trust.

Trust is recognized as one of the major factors that helped to protect people during the pandemic, as well as confidence in governments.

This year the annual report by the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network looked at the state of global happiness in 149 countries, it was also collated slightly differently due to coronavirus.

Not only were researchers unable to complete face-to-face interviews in a number of countries, they also had to switch things up entirely by focusing on the relationship between wellbeing and Covid-19.

In their reports the team looked at, Life under Covid-19, Happiness, trust, and deaths under Covid-19, Covid-19 Prevalence and Well-being: Lessons from East Asia, Reasons for Asia-Pacific Success in suppressing Covid-19, Mental health and the Covid-19 pandemic, Social Connection and Well-Being during Covid-19, Work and Well-being during Covid-19: Impact, Inequalities, Resilience, and the Future of Work and Living long and living well: The Wellby approach.

Other countries on the list include United States which moved up from 18th to 14th place and the United Kingdom dropped from 13th to 18th, Australia held its 12th place position while Estonia was 28th and Russia, 60th.

South Africa was the 103rd most happy out of the index’s total of 149 nations.

Malawi, Lesotho and Botswana and Rwanda ranked 144th, 145th and 146th and 147th while Zimbabwe was listed at the bottom of the happiness rankings at 148th. And in last place was Afghanistan

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