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The Secrets of Digital Marketing in Growing your Business by Kudakwashe Dube

Digital marketing has become one of the most frequently used term nowadays by you and I. Although it’s easily used in a passing sentence, but to the greatest extent often it is not defined precisely. For some it’s a synonym for
“Internet Marketing” while others describe it as marketing using devices that go on the internet.

What is Digital Marketing?

Is communication whose purpose is to influence potential customers about your products and services. The promotion efforts of products or services that are delivered through online (digital) distribution channels like social media, apps etc.

The disparity between digital and traditional marketing is that the channels in digital marketing offers the ability to analyze the marketing campaigns in real time that becomes an advantage to organizations.

Remember to get the attention of your consumer online today only takes a maximum of eight seconds or less. Digital marketing also makes use of instant messaging platforms,
such as Telegram, WhatsApp, Mobile apps, podcasts and other platforms to just mention a few.

Why Is Digital Marketing So Important?

Digital media has become so preferred by you and I in our society today, that anybody can have access to loads of information at any given time, anywhere and everywhere.

It is becoming an increasing source of good content which is enlightening, entertaining, educating and evoking yet not
limited to: news, shopping, social engagement, etc.

Before such technology was made available, your marketing efforts consisted of messaging customers the details of your brand’s products or services. The future of traditional marketing is now your digital marketing aka “the new normal”.

Mobile has transformed everything. You now live in a world with a lot of choices, brands, and a hundred other buzz noises.
Replace the “me me mentality” with a valuable conversation.
Engage with consumers. Share and connect, don’t annoy. It’s the customer first.

To simplify, these can be summarized in the Five D’s that a
company needs to assess consumer interactions:

• Digital Devices: These are the devices used by customers to communicate with businesses via your smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, and gaming devices as well.

• Digital Channels: These are the spaces that can be accessed using digital devices where your interactions can take place like Google, Facebook and Instagram etc.

• Digital Media: Digital media consists of channels that are either paid or earned for reaching the consumer base and engaging them through advertising and social media networks.

• Digital Data: This is all the insights and statistics that companies collect from the interaction going on in online spaces.

• Digital Technology: This is the technology that companies use to create the interactive experiences for audiences when they come to interact with websites and apps.


Digital Marketing is key more than ever, their is more important aspects to talk about but can’t mention all in one article. I employ you to take up this new journey seriously because digital marketing is here to stay.

What’s is your plan concerning digital marketing in 2021?


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Kuda is a certified Digital, Social Media & Inbound Marketing by Google Africa & Hubspot Academy. Social Media Coach & Social Media Marketing Strategist and Digital Marketing Consultant. Founded Digital Fingers in 2018 marketing agency that helps businesses and brands in the digital space. D|F also assist marketing teams or individuals expand their customer base through digital marketing, coaching and consulting.

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