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Social media goes ablaze after post of a man looking for a maid with Depo goes viral-Zimmagazine

WhatsApp Diaries: Social media goes ablaze


WhatsApp Diaries: Social media goes ablaze after a post of a person looking for a maid with Depo goes viral. Sometimes social media can be a stress relief for sure. The things that you find on the interne will just amaze you.

So as l was browsing on my WhatsApp contacts there is this group I’m in and the chats of this guy called Takudzwa are circulating in most groups I’m in. So I decided to really see whats the fuss about this guy and why his post is trending so much. When l saw it l decided to hare with you my readers, just check this post out

Takudzwa WhatsApp

At first when l saw this post l laughed as it seems funny right? You agree with me, but that was before l saw the response this post had. People in Zimbabwe are willing to do everything just to have money. Just check the overwhelming response this post got

WhatsApp chat

What’s your take on this guys please hit me in the comment section.

What do you think?

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