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Social Media Calls Dj Towers the king of Bootlicking-Zimmagazine

Social Media calls DJ Towers the King of B00TLICKING. The veteran DJ has been called out by Facebook keyboard warriors as a B00TTY licker. The Zimhip-hop producer has been on a number of celebrities radar where he befriends them in order for him to make money. This is what Facebook is saying…

The veteran DJ and Pastor at Offside Ministries DJ Towers has also proved to be a serial B00TILICKER who relies on the Vatengi vedoro to further his art and craft. From Ginimbi to Pokell, Styllz to Teemak and the Gushungo brothers(Robert and Chatunga) also have not been spared.

Towers have been praising these guys including many other top spenders throughout his career. His skill has paid dividends as this enabled him to be invited by Ginimbi at his famous all-white parties and also received a car from Teemak as a token of appreciation.

DJ Towers

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