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Shocking:Traditional healer reveals Mai TT’s date of death-Zimmagazine

Traditional healer reveals Mai TT’s date of death. Mai TT has been given a death date by one traditional healer who said she is passing on the 16th of September 2021.

So I been given my death date by one traditional healer who said im passing on on the 16th of September. Im putting this here so that you will remember this. Yesterday I got more than a thousand calls people saying a traditional healer wrote on his page that im passing on , on the 16th of September.

I ignored it until today someone came and told me to call him. I went on to call him , he told me a powerful source from the river has declared that im surely passing on on the 16th.

Now this is my letter to God who owns the sea and everything in it. Dear God whoever is planning for my death let it backfire in your name. I know everyone is dying but im not ready for death. Reasons being I got 2 young daughters to take care of . I want my kids to grow old and I want to nurse my grandchildren. I ve unfinished business that needs a couple of more years. Look into this matter and reverse this if it’s not according to your will.

Dear God not only I have 2 kids but I also take care of opharns who look up to me for survival , if I go now who is going to fill my gap. Im only 34 and I haven’t accomplished my mission, Yes it’s written Ashes to Ashes, dust to dust but im saying My Ashes not now .
I know you can hear me because you have heard me before. If this is not your will fight for me . If it’s yours please extend my life. I don’t fear death but at least let me finish what I started. My kids cannot live without me, im the only person who knows what’s best for them. This is my request. Amen.

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