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Seh Calaz’s ex-wife Moira Knight back again: I take care of our child alone-Zimmagazine


Seh Calaz’s ex wife Moira Knight has finally spoken. They had a child however when they broke up and in a recent chat she indicated that Seh Calaz has not been taking care of their child , she is doing all the work on her own.

The couple split sometime ago and there has not been much about their relationship talks.

She called out for well wishers to help Boss Cala even just to open a shop for shoes for him so that he has something to do . We all go out on social media trying to smile and show up this great gesture but deep behind the dim unknown is a hip of responsibilities to cope up with.

Moira wants the best for Calaz and she understands the situation he might be in but all she wants is for him to admit it and find help as soon as possible.

These issues are very common in our societes were men leave their children to their mothers only to show up when they are old enough to provide for themselves and aide economic value.

What do you think?

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