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Seh Calaz, Jah Prayzah and King 98 at Soul Jah Love’s funeral: Pics and Vids-Zimmagazine

Seh Calaz, Jah Prayzah and King 98 at Soul Jah Love’s funeral: Pics and Vids. Soul Jah Love was one of the few artistes who earned Seh Calaz’s respect in the industry, the musician said in a social media post on 10 February 2020. The artist has been known to be Soul Jah Love’s number 1 competition. Their rival in the Zimdancehall genre made history as they hosted the biggest ever clash in Zimdancehall that attracted more 14 000 people and the clash resulted in a chaotic situation which needed police to intervene.

They however had a bad vibe and good relationship and had tracks together as they symbolised their work that it was not personal it was just musical war. Seh calaz posted this message as his condolence message. Seh Calaz said then that Soul Jah Love needed the nations’ prayers, love and support instead of being looked down upon. Sel Calaz wrote then:

King 98

I don’t normally say this but this guy is one of the few artists I have respect for in this industry. He has been my friend, brother, a rival for years.

I think as a nation he needs more of our prayers, support and love. People go through so many personal hurdles and conflicts but as public figures most of the times nobody really knows the hardships you face in your personal life.

It is easy to spend a lot of energy concentrating on keeping people happy and entertained asi uchirwisana nezvakawanda wega pasina arikuziva (while you are facing many challenges alone without people knowing what you are going through).

What do you think?

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