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Rasta the artist runs out of paint and the people are happy-Zimmagazine

Infamous painter, Rasta the artist (real name Lebani Sirenje) who is notorious for sketching botched portraits of personalities when they die has run out of paint and is appealing to the public to support him.

The Zimbabwean-born artist who is based in South Africa has over the years earned himself a reputation for his work, but not in the best way as most are of the opinion that he is not the best painter in town. So bad are some of his works that some personalities have pleaded with him not to sketch them when they die. Top of the list is The Queen actress, Zenande Mfenyana who tweeted that she does not want Rasta to sketch her when she dies.

However, Rasta has remained unfazed by the naysayers as he consistently continues to paint.

It seems some who have been pleading with him to stop painting may soon have their prayers answered as the artist is currently incapacitated as he has run out of paint. This according to him, has been due to the high number of deaths of personalities that have been witnessed in the past month.

Opening up to his thousands of followers on Sunday on his Facebook fan page, Rasta the artist wrote: “It’s been a very busy 2021 with us losing our beloved ones and public figures. As a result I’ve officially run out of paint. Please DM for donations,” pleaded Rasta.

Responding to his plea, one fan suggested that the painter take this as a blessing in disguise.

“Maybe that’s a blessing in disguise. It’s time you tried something new because clearly, painting has proven very difficult for you.”

“Blessings upon blessings. Take it as a sign from above Rasta. The gods/spiritual beings that you have painted in the past are not happy,” concurred another.

“You should run out of brushes as well Jah man,” wrote another.

Some suggested that the artist tries his hand at music or another profession as painting is not for him.

According to most comments, it seems most people are happy that Rasta is not able to continue painting.

Some were however irked by the realisation that Rasta has not been getting financial gains from his sketches.

“You haven’t been making money out of these portrait you do bra? I am so shocked. Famous as you are, but they don’t give you any credit for your paintings,” commented one.

But, not all hope is lost as some seem to appreciate Rasta’s works and are willing to support his hustle.

“For the great work you are doing, I will gladly donate,” wrote one.

Either way Rasta’s works are followed by many and if anything, his sketches show personalities how “important” they are as Rasta only draws known people. Also, they make for good comic relief.

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