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Njuzu at it again – This time using a beer bottle:Video-Zimmagazine

Njuzu at it again – This time using a beer bottle. Njuzu, a Zimbabwean socialite based in Cape Town has taken social media by storm. At first, there was one s.e.x video and then there were two but it doesn’t end there.

Njuzu has another video, she is f#cking herself with a beer bottle. Yes, a beer bottle. Is Hell Commander going to live up to all the fantasies, we can only wonder.

Njuzu went on to social media to speak about yesterday’s leaked s.e.x video but now there are 3 more leaked videos. Seems someone has been sitting on these juicy videos and has now decided to share them with the rest of the world.

Njuzu refused she would leak her own videos, which somehow makes sense now as a mother she would want a safe social media experience for her child but who is leaking these s.e.x videos??? Watch video

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