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Meet Takunda Chimbadzwa a multi-talented artist(Biography)-Zimmagazine

Firstly and for all most I would like to thank God for the blessings and the talents because without Him I couldn’t be where I am today.

My name is Takunda Chimbadzwa a lad who is 20 years of age born in Mutare on the 14th of August one of the coolest months of the year in the year 1999.

I grew up a bit in Mutare to a tender age then evacuated to Harare in 2004.Life went on till 2014 when I realized that I have a talent doing form 1 (grade 8). So by then the journey of Music incepted that very year till to date.

In 2020 I then joined the modelling industry. So currently I am in Miss Golden Heritage (MGH) Agency with the founder Mr T Jayden Mureriwa. This man is also the one helping me to push my music career to another level.

I chose music career of all the sectors in entertainment all because I believe that that’s where my talent lies.Also i got my inspiration from man like Soul Jah Love… I really love his style and panch he has got.

Amongst all my works one of the most rated and liked is titled Mukunda Wamambo Produced and mastered by MCK and Rev Law at Real Master Beat Killers (RMBK) Studios. And the one titled Reggae Music produced at Real Music Production by Decco

As artists we do face a lot of challenges but to mention a few. Personally I face financial challenges talking about morely for recording and Video Shooting. It really needs someone with resources and money to shoot a video. The other challenge is about getting paid…we do some shows expecting to get paid but at times that doesn’t come to be. Lastly opportunities and money to feature the rated artist in Zimbabwe lacks.

In the next five years to come and along the way I view myself in all over the World .. going places flying all over because of music.

To all my fellow artists and models let me say that being in the entertainment sector of any kind needs ones heart to be on place do it like you will never do it before. Don’t let your past mistakes and where you come from determine what you will be. Failure doesn’t mean the end of the world keep on pushing to that which you want. Lastly in all you do put God first and Everything will flow like a current if ocean.

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