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Meet serial entrepreneur Apphia Nyasha Musavengana-Zimmagazine

Apphia Nyasha Musavengana is a young serial entrepreneur who has scored numerous awards to her name. She recently was awarded the Best Young Entrepreneur for her skills.

She is a private investigative journalist in Aquaculture, BEE and Honey Keeping working under Media Mass. She owns her own company, Apphia Investments which is a group of CEO Billionares who invest in natural gas, mining, Agriculture and accessories its members have done major investments in Zimbabwe, South Africa and China.

She also runs Concord Young Women in Business Zimbabwe (GLOBAL) organization which hosted the recently successful SADC SUCCESS AWARDS which saw high profile individuals in attendance including men of clothe Prophet Edd Branson. It is due to her passion for youth empowerment that she now seats as the SADC Director for youth entrepreneurship.

In an interview she made her intentions clear,” We are doing various projects to connect all youths around the world, we have partnered with UNESCO in a campaign for Youth Empowerment and Funding for various innovations ideas. We are running everyday online training conferences are to build a working partnership for entrepreneurs in different sectors of business.

We encourage Youths in Media to join in the road to SUCCESS as this have become high used method of business marketing, promoting and communication during this pandemic.

Let’s Build together, allow someone to Lean on your shoulder, share ideas, promote each other and let’s develop this generation.

The SADC SUCCESS AWARDS will be annual to encourage Youths, Women, companies and organization to move forward in achieving our goals. As SADC YOUTH LEADER we opening doors of projects soon that will see Entrepreneurs all over coming together to partner in various businesses.

I can’t do this alone. I need each and every one of you to build and succeed. We have Board of Advisors and Ambassadors who mentor us in best ways to turn, I appreciate them and Salute.

You always need a mentor, an advisor so you don’t walk to failure” she said.\

Follow her on Instagram:@apphia_queenboss

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