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matsotsi anthem

Matsotsi Anthem

Composed by Gweru based Artists.The Matsotsi Anthem is trending in Midlands with exquisite talents on the same instrumental.Matsotsi Music is a musical group created by Jah Reezy.The anthem is a combination of dancehall,reggae,rap,trap and rnb. The Matsotsi Anthem was launched in November 2020 by THE SUN NEWSPAPER. The anthem is still making huge waves around the city of progress with its unique enticing style.Artists on the anthem include Dycut Jotsa,Rissy Evolution,N Tragic,Tsotsi Queen,Narrator,Oleezy Tyno and Jah Reezy. The Matsotsi Anthem was recorded,mixed and mastered at Life in Music studios by Isaac Muchena known as Mchena. The track reveals the plights of ghetto and society livity as well it strengthens the ghetto youths not to give up.The Matsotsi Anthem has been received as the Midlands Anthem as the Matsotsi crew positively gather inner strength for their audiences.

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