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JUST IN: Passion Java Appointed Vice President-Zimmagazine

Cliffoed Hlupeko is the new Secretary-general, Ali Goldstein is the Spokesperson, Gerald Scott Sakupwanya is the Treasurer, and Tafadzwa Masuku is the Legal advisor.

The AAG was formed by young black businessmen, among them Peter Pamire and Phillip Chiyangwa in 1994.

Commenting on the new AAG board, Norton Member of Parliament Temba Mliswa (Independent) some of the members may tarnish the image of the organisation. He tweeted:

Looking at the new board appointments of the #AAG whilst some are expected, yet others raise question due to their unsavoury personal reputations which have the propensity to tarnish such organisations. The perception becomes that they are just out to grab money from people.

The Affirmative Action Group should be selective about who it appoints. With so many extortionist organisations around, we can’t afford to suffer more.

I’m also interested in understanding their current purpose. When it was formed, there was a need to empower blacks; that has passed.

So what is it they are really after now? We need to understand. People shouldn’t fear those with a claim to AAG membership to give them money. An institution grows, and it grows beyond an individual.

What do you think?

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