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Hailey Cains Record Label(Biography)-Zimmagazine

Hailey Cains is a label which was founded (15 February 2015) Krizzy Henry cains a Zimbabwean international Hiphop rap and trap Artist.Real name is Tapiwanashe Ronald Chikasha. Hailey cains is a record and fashion label which specializes in music,fashion and motivating people to do better in whatever they are doing and it encourages people to keep on pushing nomatter how many disses they receive. The founder Krizzy Henry cains was quoted saying “Never stop dreaming goals can be archived if you stay focused the sky is not the limit but a starting point ”

Hailey cains is also an title for who ever is in a relationship with Mr Krizzy Henry cains making it a royalty label for Krizzy Henry cains….Many people mistake Hailey cains with Henry cains …but Krizzy Henry cains actually explained it on a interview. He said “i am Krizzy Henry cains the founder of Hailey cains..Hailey cains is my label and a title not my name..i don’t know why some people keep asking me that did i change the name to Henry cains…Nothing changed its still the same ..its just that i Modified my name from Krizzy to Krizzy Henry cains to improve uniqueness ”

Label: Hailey cains
Founder :Krizzy Henry cains
Started: 15 February 2015

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About Krizzy Henry Cains(Biography)-Zimmagazine

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