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Govt’s position regarding Beitbridge border reopening. Health authorities in Beitbridge say they need more time to prepare for the full reopening of the port of entry.

South Africa is arguably the worst-hit African country by Covid-19, and authorities will want to train a critical eye on the border.

This justifies President Mnangagwa’s continued tight restrictions of the gateway despite allowing more social contact in other areas of the economy.

Beitbridge district medical officer Dr Lenos Samhere said they need more people to be vaccinated before full border reopening.

“Our staff has done exceptionally well. We received more staff compliment but we need more people and testing equipment to boost our capacity,” said Dr Samhere.

Since the onset of the pandemic, Beitbridge referred more than half a million for further screening. In December alone, more than 75 000 people were referred for further screening and if the border fully opens for everyone, figures are expected to increase.

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