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Gokwe Security guards vanish with US$306 000 Mukuru Money-Zimmagazine

Security guards vanish with US$306 000 Mkuru money. National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said the two — Desbro Kadzurunga (23) and Leon Kahoka (35), both from Gokwe town — dumped the special van belonging to their employer, Safeguard Security, their uniforms and a firearm near Gokwe Hotel before they vanished.

A driver and an armed guard delivering cash to Mukuru money transfer agency in Gokwe area allegedly snatched US$306 000 in cash on Wednesday and are now on the run, police report.

Gokwe Safeguard office received US$300 000 and R250 000 from the Kwekwe office to be delivered to various Mukuru branches in Gokwe. Kadzurunga and Kahoka were given an additional US$13 000 and R350 000 and were sent out to do the deliveries with a third guard, not identified by police.

While at N Richards Gokwe Mukuru branch, the two sent their colleague in with part of what they were supposed to deliver.

“What is surprising is that they left some of the money in the van, about R210 000,” said the police source. Safeguard Security company director Mr Nelson Zimunya yesterday declined to comment on the matter.

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