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Gokwe Anthem ‘superstars’ hints on Noble Stylz’ connections to the mimicked wasteland(Gokwe)-Zimmagazine

Noble Stylz’ connections to Gokwe

Today I got particularly interested in a certain piece I picked online on a Gokwe based artist’ Facebook timeline S/O to Persie P I will talk more about it later.

What got my attention was a few lines from a certain rapper anonzi Pnyce a.k.a 5card njuga who I apparently quoted as to have sang, “handibuke kwandinobva ini handisi noble, Caz ndine hobho ma styles 5card injuga…..” sic; and I was like hell to the N to the O if you been following the Zim hip-hop scene closely you might never ever heard @NobleChadnezzer denying any connections to any place unless he was too ashamed to let us know.

I commented on his steadfast love for Masvegas or Masvingo where he said it all started we all remember Chaos ent right, the jabs he took from Juniour Brown ‘we run it’ achinzi unodzokera kuMasvingo wakarara mucoffin🤭 or this other G. Z.E diss which referenced his Masvingo background but still the king held on. If I ain’t mistaken he also mentioned how he once stayed in Kwekwe too in the past but never did Gokwe come up.

Since hurihwo hunhu hwemuKwekwe to dig deeper I did too made a few phone calls till I got some leads that gratefully laid down all the details of how the oan spend most of his time in Gokwe up until his beloved sis passed on RIP. Many interesting facts were brought on how he lip synced buruka by the Charambas’ on a talent show at  a local school and it left me asking myself asking kuti ‘nhaimi would the outcome of many of his beefs be any different Dai ma counterparts ake aiziva kuti Mambo we Masvingo muzukuru waMambo Njelele veGokwe hahaha maybe maybe even Chitungwiza can clap back.

For today I will let it sink in. I have seen many people denying the Gokwe pride because of a few disses and a few hogwash statements that the place is backward but believe me it’s lit. I am challenging everyone out the to rep #gokwepride on your post ya’ll let us see you representing yo home yooooh.

Check the following link on YouTube download and tic tok this track on your posts let it be known that you are giants code #Gokwepride. Gokwe be breeding superstars, remember Energy Murambadoro the legendary goal keeper, or the big German Construction Company or the late Tawanda Sundawo who dealt wheels and moved prominent celebs from point A to B ‘RIP’. Man I was impressed and the Gokwe Anthem got me emotional and showed me howfar some folks can go to show the pride they have for their place

Click on link for more indepth


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