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Feli Nandi Biography

Feli Nandi is a well-known Zimbabwean artist/band. Find biography and interesting facts of Feli Nandi’s career and personal life. Discover detailed information about Feli Nandi’s height, real name, wife, girlfriend & kids. Feli Nandi Wiki, Facebook, Instagram, and socials. Feli Nandi Height, Age, Bio, and Real Name.


Real Namea:Felistus Chipendo


Feli Nandi is married. Details about her husband’s name are unknown at the moment.


Feli Nandi was born in June 1992.


In a 2020 interview with NewsDay, Feli Nandi said she has two sons.

Social Media and Contacts

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Mbeu and the Mhodzi Tribe

She started as a backing vocalist for Mbeu’s Mhodzi Tribe for two years. Feli Nandi met Mbeu at a wedding in Norton in 2017. Her sister encouraged her to see Mbeu performing before she left. After Mbeu’s performance, Nandi went up to him and told him she wanted to sing with him.

Stunned, Mbeu asked her a number of questions before inviting her for auditions. Initially, she was told to just watch the band perform so that she could understand the culture. But during the first show at Pakare Paye Arts Centre in Norton, where she was just supposed to stand and observe, Nandi was introduced as a backing vocalist and called on stage.

In August 2020, Feli Nandi issued a statement mentioning that she was expelled from Mhodzi Tribe, a development Mbeu’s management dismissed as false. During her time with Mbeu, Feli managed to record six singles including Ndega Ndada which had an accompanying video.

Other singles that she released comprised of Woman dedicated to her mother as well as covers of Mbeu’s HazvineiNdibateiwo among others.

Solo Career

After parting ways with Mbeu, she released Mufudzi WeMombe with Trevor Dongo. She released her self titled debut album Feli Nandi in 2021.

Feli Nandi Apparels

She opened a small showroom at Old Shell House along Nelson Mandela Avenue in Harare where people come and place their orders. They also get to see new designs.



Feli Nandi (2021)


Woman (2020)

Ndega Ndada (2020)


Trevor Dongo, Feli Nandi – Mufudzi Wemombe (Official Video)
Feli Nandi Ndiri Chiiko
Feli Nandi – Kukurumidza




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