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Dr. Ckhupha The Mastermind Behind Shut Up And Groove Events-Zimmagazine

Dr. Ckhupha The Mastermind Behind Shut Up And Groove Events

Shut up and groove is a musical stable based in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Its aims are established at a promotional pace and help young emerging artists to achieve their achievable goals in the entertainment field. They believe in teamwork and strategic long-term objectives This Eli cite stable was formed in 2018 by Mpumelelo Khuphe, aka Dr. Ckhupha, a musician in the city of kings who started his music.
1. event coordination and planning
2 Selling its music of singed artist online and local airplay
3.Distributing local artist music
4 Graphic designing
5 Video and photo shooting
6 Clothing and design
Introduction and the Functional Structures
SHUT UP & GROOVE EVENTS are a local (Zimbabwean) music promoters, producers and performers association based in Bulawayo. Its foundation is based on the ancestry of most of the climactic musical movements ranging from local to inter-national genres, remarkably. The organ strives to improve local levels of recognition for young and up-coming artists’ through-out the city and country as a whole.
As such our forte is to create a basis between local artists whereas the best content and musical concepts are achieved within the local sphere to reach the international standards by the year 2022. Unlike the usual musical unions, SHUT UP & GROOVE EVENTS is not only a ‘muso’, but an archive for local talent in all arts and culture hence encompasses the exposure of all art inclusive of poetry, film and cultural gatherings where talent is shared and experienced, exhausted to the limit such that the growth of local artists becomes the order of the day, especially at a time when the Nation itself has seen new dawn.
In a broader sense, SHUT UP & GROOVE EVENTS is a music promoter and functions manager that is bound to excellent service at no extra cost than is necessary. FRAMEWORK OF THE CORPORATE The organ is basically aimed at supporting young local artisans in uplifting themselves with their God-given talents. As such it will not sign any artist into a binding contract, but rather a periodically renewable one to safeguard both the interests of the native and the signee.
Under a SHUT UP & GROOVE EVENTS contract, an artist is committed to releasing music with meaningful content that relates to daily life and relays useful message all age groups particularly adults & adolescents. SHUT UP & GROOVE EVENTS public performances and studio recordings are complex for all artists signed under the organ; as such team-work is the order of function for those within. The organ will satisfy all genres of music and equally respect them, its artists will also work hand in hand despite and ignoring their specific genres. In this ordeal, the brand SHUT UP & GROOVE EVENTS will serve its intentions as an umbrella organ, and not individual artists. Artists signed under the corporate organ will perform in live shows for publicity of themselves and their works as a market for their whole career, as such the organ helps them grow personally and publicize their music to the local infrastructure, first, then to global levels which the corporate figure is capable of reaching.
The corporate will engage the artists in such infrastructure that enables the works of the artists signed to be pushed to the necessary market. To change an agreement or renew a recent contract; Mpumelelo Khuphe.
For artist management and features, contact Artist Relations Officials: Mpumelelo Khuphe

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