Buffalo Souljah denounces Stunner’s behaviour over the I-Octane Soul Jah Love issue-Zimmagazine

Buffalo Souljah denounces Stunner’s behaviour over the I-Octane Soul Jah Love issue. There might have been a miscommunication between rapper Stunner and Jamaican artiste I-Octane.

Knives went out on Stunner yesterday after he posted a post that triggered I-Octane to delete his condolences post.  I-Octane posted his condolences message which was written he gave Souljah Love a chance on stage during his visit back in the day.

This did not go well as Stunner took to respond to Octane in a harsh way. Later on the Jamaican dancehall chanter had to take down his post after his post got flooded by negative comments from Zimbos.

The comments were triggered after Dziva had posted that Octane gave no one a chance and people who attended the show had come to see Souljah Love perform. Stunner’s actions got South Africa based chanter Buffalo Souljah’s attention.

Buffalo had to warn Stunner against voicing up with no facts and knowhow to the story. “We really need to change our mindset and think global please. Lets keep unity and the positivity.

“Misinterpreted patwa he meant organisers of the show. “I personally called Octane and asked him to share a condolences message on his international platform since he shared the stage ne gamba redu,” This comes after Octane went live complaining about how Zimbos had treated him over his post.

I-Octane message


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