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Breaking:Harare businessman Givemore Panganayi found dead at Rainbow Towers-Zimmagazine

Givemore Panganayi found dead

Harare businessman Givemore Panganayi who went missing while attending a party at the Harare International Conference Centre by Rainbow Towers on May 5 has been dead  found dead in a disused lift at the hotel.
He is reported to have attended the party with his friend Sulumani Chimbetu then got a call and excused himself, CCTV shows that he never made it outside the Hotel

On the 5th of May 2021, a Harare businessman Mr. Givemore Panganayi allegedly went missing from the Harare International Conference Centre (HICC), and up to now his whereabouts are unknown.

According to a family spokesperson who is not yet ready to be named, Mr. Panganayi was invited to a party at HICC and he went with his best friend Sulumani Chimbetu. The party was hosted by Mr. Mutsvairo. In the middle of the party, Mr. Panganayi’s phone rang and he excused his friends and went out to answer his call.

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