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A form 6 student pays RTGS$7 000 fine for impregnating a juvenile. Thando Sengani (18) of Hlabano Village under Chief Chizungu in Mberengwa has been ordered to pay RTGS$7 000 or alternatively serve six months in jail after he impregnated an underage girl (14) who was only doing Grade 7.

Sengani faced charges of having extramarital s.e.xual intercourse with a female juvenile below the age of 16. The juvenile who was impregnated in 2020 gave birth through a caesarian and the baby died soon afterwards. The complainant was in Grade 7 in 2020 when the offence was committed.

In the said month, the accused proposed love to the juvenile and she agreed. During the same period, the complainant’s mother visited her husband in West Nicholson and left the complainant with her young brothers at home. The accused then visited the juvenile on several nights in April and May and they had s.e.x.

The matter came to light when the complainant’s mother came back in July 2020 and noticed that her daughter vomited every morning. The juvenile then disclosed that she was pregnant with the accused.

The complainant delivered a baby girl by cesarean on January 12, 2021, but the baby died. Matidaishe Pavazhira was for the State.

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