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2904 Entertainment Supporting talent , fulfilling dreams Entertaining the world-Zimmagazine

“Biggest dreams , Ambition , dedication ,
hardwork , discipline and faith is all you need”

2904 Entertainment
Supporting talent , fulfilling dreams
Entertaining the world

#The Revolutionary Movement

At 2904 Entertainment , we strive for
Greatness and Success. Best believe our lifes ,
better yet our community can be changed
forever if we partner up and start a
revolutionary movement based on
Entertainment , sports , arts and culture.
We are more than just a record label.
The Revolutionary movement is set to create a
major impact in the Entertainment industry as
we establish an army of motivators , world
changers and history makers. There is so much
unidentified talent in my city , what more
nationwide. We can work together to gain
enough recognition and most definitely
generate revenue.

Company goals in 3 years time :

• International success and recognition
• Uplift over 500 talents
• Own radio station
• Construction of headquarters
• All personal required on board
• Total dominion over local Entertainment industry.
• Host large events eg IGnite the city
• Create school of art
• Run numerous enterprises in an around the offices
• Set funds that go back to the community etc

What makes 2904 Entertainment
guaranteed to make such an

• Firstly everyone likes to be entertained that makes everyone a possible customer , associate or competition which Is equally as important.
• No other local record label has even attempted to execute such a movement which set to have such a massive impact in the entertainment industry and the community thus leaving minimum competition for now.
• A proper and clear model for this movement has been well set up and is guaranteed to be a success.

Who can partner with 2904

Are you an aspiring :
• Musical artist , producer , Disk Jockey (DJ) or sound engineer.
• Model
• Fashion designer/tailor
• Visual technician
• Dancer
• Poet
• Actor/Actress or writer
• Fine artist
• App builder etc

If you have any skill to showcase to the world , you are more than welcome to partner with you.


Contact details : 0777137946

IG : 2904 Entertainment

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