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19 year old Uz student speaks Mbinga yenyu Gave Me HIV! -Zimmagazine

I come to you with a very sad story that I hope a lot of young people like me will learn from. I am a young lady, 19 years old. My family is not rich but not poor either.

We never went to bed hungry and were never sent home to collect fees and my three siblings and I were very intelligent. Sadly I was not satisfied with the life that our parents gave me. I wanted more, I wanted bling.

I started university and saw other young girls with expensive hairdos, manicure, trendy phones and designer clothes. Some even drove.

I wanted all that by any means necessary. I had heard of Sugar Daddies, now called “Blessers” — I was sure I wanted one but did not know where to find them.

So I befriended one of those girls so that I could learn from her. I did not waste time, I asked her where she got her car and all that glittered.

She confirmed my suspicions, yes she had a “Blesser”. I told her that I was in need of one, yes, to me it was now a need, I was desperate.

She said her “Blesser” actually had friends who were hunting for the young and tender. So I got hooked up to Chris.

He was 55 years old. My roller-coaster ride began.

Chris drove the latest big wheels. I never knew where he lived and I did not care to know. We went places, slept at expensive hotels and lodges.

At that time I thought he was my dream come true yet he was the worst nightmare. I had money, United States dollars in cash, at a time when people were crying of cash shortages.

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